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SCP: The House of Solomon

April 23, 2023
The Fear in the Foundation team is proud to announce that we're partnering with the team at Pathwalker One to produce SCP: The House of Solomon. There will be two distinct versions of the House of Solomon campaign within the supplement itself. One built for those who would like to play through the scenarios using Fear in the Foundation's gameplay system, and another utilizing Pathwalker's aptly-named Pathwalker One system. The story itself is an extensive campaign meant to last roughly a year, and the book is currently scheduled to be released in Summer 2024.

In SCP: The House of Solomon, players become members of "The Silent Partners," a newly-formed Foundation Mobile Task Force on a dangerous globe-trotting assignment that brings them into conflict with Marshall, Carter, & Dark; The Chaos Insurgency; and other Groups of Interest.

Now to address the other elephant in the room. What's Pathwalker One? Pathwalker One is a young TTRPG company that specializes in creating unique and immersive gaming experiences. Their approach to TTRPGs is innovative, incorporating cutting-edge mechanics to enhance all of the games they produce. At the core of their approach is a focus on storytelling and character development, inviting players to embark on thrilling adventures in their richly imagined worlds.

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If you wish to get in contact with either team involved in SCP: The House of Solomon, please reach out to one of the two individuals listed below, using the information provided:

J.P. Sariz, President of Pathwalker One

Alexander Barker, President of Nightshade Games


June 15, 2023

In the first collaboration between Pathwalker One and Nightshade Games, an unknown enemy threatens to tear down the safeguards of our world.

MTF Gamma-9, "The Silent Partners," serves as the covert shield of The SCP Foundation. Their handler, Robert Edwards— a direct link to the O5 Council; the agent of a will he barely understands.

When a voice from the future echoes a terrible warning, Gamma-9 is thrust into action, tasked with tracking down an anomalous artifact known as "The Dybbuk Box" and annihilating the conspirators fated to destroy The Foundation in the future yet to come.

Their mission will catapult them across the globe—from the time-worn canals of Rotterdam to the ghost cities of China, and into the depths of The Foundation's past. Hopelessly caught between The Foundation itself and the specter of a spiraling future, their fight becomes a two-front war against the clock, and a world-ender lurking just out of sight…

Will you turn the tide in this war with the future, or live to see The Foundation's overthrow?

Join the Fight, Summer 2024

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