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This is the most recent update of Fear in the Foundation! Version 1.8  was the largest individual change to date, featuring a full Anomaly Guide, a complete re-work and overhaul of the game's mechanics, and a ton of new content to help both players and Game Masters get the most out of their FITF experience. Version 1.8.3 includes a number of small corrections and fixes for mistakes that appear in 1.8, along with new, revamped maps and a number of quality-of-life updates, such as better wording in some places.


In total, FITF 1.8.3 includes:


- The 179-page Game Guide, featuring sections detailing Foundation lore, character creation, the game's mechanics, all the gear that players can use in-game, and extensive tips and tricks for the Game Master


- The 229-page Anomaly Guide, featuring 100 anomalous entities, 70 various anomalous phenomena, and 100 anomalous items, all premade and ready for play. Many popular SCPs, such as SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-173, and SCP-939 are all included


- 46 premade maps with full map keys, all created to resemble Foundation sites and areas where Foundation personnel explore and deal with anomalies. Descriptions of many of these maps are found in the Game Guide, including their exact dimensions for use in VTTs


If you purchase the current version of Fear in the Foundation, you'll recieve future updates to the game through email, up to and including the full first edition, which is coming soon.

Fear in the Foundation 1.8.3

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